Bainbridge Island Waterfront Homes For Sale on Jan 31, 2011

Here is a complete list of all the Bainbridge Island Waterfront Homes For Sale as of January 31st, 2011. Click on the homes image to get more detailed information. You can also search for homes with our map based home search and as always your best bet is to contact Leah directly if you haven't already because she will be able to give you detailed information about Bainbridge Island Homes and help you zero in on the perfect home for you.

[listingsearch type="listingids" listingids="39856,172005,120038,162749,159732,129429,176794,39855,121776,127152,114936,166401,29073279,108767,64598,158169,112431,29133700,87705,28067884,28070868,168410,73691,176528,37857,156298,140782,132992,29153591,131862,62086,19872,104852,177311,166493,29165481,89535,65802,101121,149935,99765,103642,101570,144089,85292,120907,136987,98381,113471,86657,62075,127935,150179,163063,156424,104688,42226,60014,124124,8646,161354,141502,149942,155091,145289,176089,149021,149971,149945"]