What’s Happening Over There...New Developments on Bainbridge

Rolling Bay New Development, Bainbridge Island

Sunshine Square in Rolling Bay

Rolling Bay, a popular neighborhood on Bainbridge Island, is the proposed site for a new eco-friendly development “Sunshine Square.”  This centrally located neighborhood will provide “residents the opportunity to live and work in an exceptionally-designed development in an historic part of the island”.

Known for her innovative and ecologically friendly developments on Bainbridge Island, owner of Rolling Bay Land Co., Lisa Martin, is seeking approval this fall for “Sunshine Square.” This new development will include 6,700 square feet of residential space including both detached homes and apartments, 4,100 square feet of commercial space, and a 2,300 square foot restaurant space.

The proposed land is zoned as a 'neighborhood service center' including residential and commercial uses, but true to their commitment to eco-development, Rolling Bay Land Co has also purchased a 2 acre parcel of surrounding land to maintain the ruralness of the area. The development will also focus on energy and water efficiency; geothermal and solar.  The ultimate goal for the project is reaching net-zero for both energy and water use.

To integrate “Sunshine Square” into the community, Lisa Martin and Russ Hamlet of Studio Hamlet Architects, have taken design inspiration from the current ‘hub’ of Rolling Bay, where you can find the local institution Bay Hay and Feed, a coffee shop, art center, authentic Italian restaurant and a few other neighborhood favorites.

This is one of my favorite areas on Bainbridge.  I’ve been frequenting this area for twenty years and am really looking forward to seeing what’s in store!

What do YOU think should happen in Rolling Bay’s neighborhood service center??

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