Your Guide to Bainbridge Island Schools

One of the special things about living on Bainbridge Island is that there are many excellent public school choices as well as alternatives to traditional education and outstanding private schools right here in the community. There truly is something for every child. 

The Bainbridge Island School District continually wins awards for academics as well as extracurricular activities like Lego Robotics and Model UN. Our sports teams have won many State and National competitions. Just this year, the boys won the 3A state title for swimming and diving. 

Our public schools are continually recognized in the top 5 in the state of Washington and very highly ranked nationally by both US News & World Report and Newsweek. Over 75% of our high schoolers participate in the AP program and 92% are college bound. 

The schools on the island are appreciated and respected by the community and we are very committed to the supporting them whether it comes to budgeting, community participation, or academic and athletic opportunities. 


Bainbridge Island School District

Elementary Schools

Intermediate School

Middle School

High school

Alternative Schools within the Public School System  

  • Mosaic Home Education - A K-8 school which is a combination of homeschooling and parent participation with a couple of days at the brick and mortar school.  It allows for customizing the curriculum and providing a more tailored approach to learning specific to your child.
  • Odyssey Multiage Program - for Grades 1-8 is an education choice program.  The program was founded on the belief that all students can become motivated and self directed, that parent involvement in and outside the classroom is key to academic success and that involving students meaningfully in their community allows them to connect what they are learning in the classroom to their lives in the outside world.
  • Eagle Harbor High School - Serves students in grades 9 through 12. Through seminar style classes and independent study advisories, the staff supports the students as a ‘Learning Coach’ with the students individualized programs, creating learning opportunities in the community as well working with area schools like BHS, West Sound Tech Institute and Running Start.
  • Wilkes Multiage Program (Grades 1-4) - A valued educational choice within the Bainbridge Island School District and larger Wilkes Elementary community, emphasizing a multi-age learning environment and high parent involvement.
  • Spanish Immersion at Ordway - The El Velero Spanish Immersion is a Kindergarten through 4th grade program located at Ordway Elementary School.  Launched in 2012, the program gives elementary students the opportunity to progress through district curriculum in a bilingual immersion environment.

Private Schools

  • Madrona School - Offers Waldorf education on Bainbridge Island.  The students experience a joyful, child-centered education that honors the human spirit, instills and nurtures a sense of wonder and creativity, and offers academics integrated with art and movement, developing resourcefulness, compassion and confidence. The programs include 1st - 8th grades, mixed-age kindergarten, preschool, parent-child and parent-infant classes.
  • Carden Country School - A small K-8 interdenominational Christian school located in an idyllic rural setting on Bainbridge Island. They offer a unique educational approach and student experience that is centered around the development of mind, heart and character. Carden’s exceptional academic results, focus on spiritual and character development, and our small-scale farm setting set it apart from other schools in the area.
  • Saint Cecilia Catholic School - A Saint Cecilia education provides what students need to flourish intellectually, creatively, socially and spiritually: an engaging and challenging curriculum in a nurturing community, where children of all faiths are warmly welcomed. They offer a fully accredited K–8 program, as well as preschool, and before- and after-school care.
  • The Island School - Nestled in the woods of Bainbridge Island, The Island School is an independent kindergarten through fifth grade school educating students from Bainbridge Island and the Kitsap Peninsula.  Founded in 1977, The Island School engages the mind and heart of every child in a culture that values excellent education, joy in learning, and respect and appreciation for others.
  • Hyla Middle School - Hyla feeds the vibrant curiosity of the middle school mind with rigorous academics and hands-on learning. The inter-disciplinary curriculum ignites intellectual discovery to teach students about their community, the world, and themselves. Self-awareness, self-advocacy, and positive expression are hallmarks of the Hyla experience.