Zillow's 2017 "House of the Year" is a Treehouse

Zillow's 2017 "House of the Year" is a Treehouse

Following a fun year of home features, Zillow crowned the 2017 “House of the Year” and it’s a one-of-a-kind treehouse on Bainbridge Island that was represented by my team this summer!

Recently Sold Property Featured on CNBC

Exciting News! One of the properties that I sold last year was featured on CNBC.com. The feature story is about structures from around the world that have been converted in homes.  Take a look - there are some incredible, interesting homes and it is exciting to see Bainbridge Island getting some recognition on a national level:

Unique Converted Homes Article features Bainbridge Island Real Estate

One-of-a-Kind Converted Homes

Warehouses, factories, barns, and churches are commonly re-purposed into residences, but for the adventurous buyer with a budget for renovation, no structure is off limits as a potential home.

Underground missile silos that have been upcycled into residences have gotten plenty of play in the media , but those smack of refuges from zombie apocalypse. An almost endless supply of innovative converted homes exist that are more inspirational (not to mention blessed with natural daylight and views).

Click ahead to see ten such older structures that have been re-imagined into homes.

By Colleen Kane
Posted 7 Jan 2011 cnbc.com

Aside the Barn, I had two favorites.  Look at this converted grain silo:

converted grain silo home

Location: Woodland, Utah, USA
Architect: Gigaplex

This unusual home on the Provo river is made from adjoining corrugated metal grain silos to form an 1800 square-foot space. It was designed to accommodate a man and his visitors and grandchildren in cubby-like bedroom pods which are equipped with stereo sound and flat screen monitors. Embedded wire mesh heats the floors and the propane stove can be controlled by Internet.

My second pick is the converted concrete water tower in the Netherlands:

unique water tower home architecture

Location: Soest, Netherlands
Architect: Zecc

This 1931 water tower was converted in 2002 into a nine-level modern private home using steel, concrete and glass, including a three-story window. Many former water towers have become homes.

And finally, our barn on Bainbridge Island - which has and always will be one of my favorite homes on the island:

recently sold bainbridge island real estate barn

Location: Bainbridge Island, Wash., USA
Architect: Don Frothingham

This former 1905 dairy barn overlooking the Olympic Mountains was adapted into a residence in 1980. At 2400 square feet, it boasts the soaring ceilings you’d expect from a barn, but none of the heat problems, as a new extra-insulated roof was added in the conversion. Other farmyard themed home conversions are made incorporating other farm outbuildings or even using  barn ruins.

If you are looking to buy or sell a unique home,  call or e-mail, so I can put my expertise to work for you!