SPOTTED: Alaska Airlines Flies “12th Man” Non-Stop to Super Bowl XLIX Victory

NFL-Blog_02 There’s only one thing that moves faster than Marshawn Lynch, flies further than a Russell Wilson pass or roars louder than Century Link Field. That’s Alaska Airlines‘ ultimate 12th Man tribute – a Boeing 737. She’s all dressed up and ready to go to the Super Bowl with scores of Seahawks fans, no doubt.

And how’s this for fate at 38,000 feet?

AS Flight 12 (as in the “12th Man”) is actually the regularly scheduled non-stop route from Seattle to Boston. That’s right, home of the New England Patriots. It seems making touchdowns in Boston territory won’t be anything new for Seattleites – we’ve been doing it for years. And don’t worry fans – we can deal with sudden drops of air pressure – you can’t deflate our Wilson. So buckle up Boston and return your seats back and tray tables to their upright and locked position. There’s going to be some turbulence on your journey through Arizona. The forecast? A strong front is coming down from the Pacific Northwest with a 100-percent Chancellor of victory. Over and out.