Your Guide to Bainbridge Island Schools

Leah Applewhite Bainbridge Island Schools

One of the special things about living on Bainbridge Island is that there are many excellent public school choices as well as alternatives to traditional education and outstanding private schools right here in the community. There truly is something for every child. 

The Bainbridge Island School District continually wins awards for academics as well as extracurricular activities like Lego Robotics and Model UN. Our sports teams have won many State and National competitions. Just this year, the boys won the 3A state title for swimming and diving. 

Our public schools are continually recognized in the top 5 in the state of Washington and very highly ranked nationally by both US News & World Report and Newsweek. Over 75% of our high schoolers participate in the AP program and 92% are college bound. 

The schools on the island are appreciated and respected by the community and we are very committed to the supporting them whether it comes to budgeting, community participation, or academic and athletic opportunities.